Gas Fire Fan and GFC1 Controller for The Beech House Hampton Hill

Following the project we completed at The Beech House Hampton Hill our client wanted to introduce a gas fire stove with exposed flue pipe as a feature within the pub, to add ambience and individuality.


Caption: Images before the stove, flue pipe or Flueboost were installed; the install of the flue pipe and the completed project.

The flue pipe installed was a matt black twin wall to match the stove and the design of the pub with the Flueboost fan unit positioned at high level. The stove was positioned to catch the customer’s eyes as they entered the front entrance and the Flueboost GFC1 controller in the glass wash. Installation of the Flueboost gas fire fan made the feature viable as it overcomes the limited traditional concept of a restricting maximum distance of the flue.

Our engineers gave the feedback that the Flueboost was a pleasure both to install and commission. The installation and technical design were self-explanatory – quite simply it does what it says on the tin, resulting in an easier install. The Flueboost also attracted the comments during both building site stage and post install to be a neat and compact unit, rather than any usual unattractive piece of equipment required.

The concluding comment from ourselves and our client is the Flueboost is an all-round crowd pleaser which resulted in the desired design being readily transferred from paper planning to physical existence. It’s a fantastic discovery when we come across a product that looks the part without compromising with either performance or operation.

Following the opening of this pub, the client is very happy with the look, performance of the fire, & with the Flueboost gas fire fan, and we believe that many customers have acknowledged the feature as being aesthetically pleasing. The manager commented that fire and Flueboost are both very easy to operate, literally turning on and off with a button on the GFC1 Gas Controller; this manager has previously worked on another site where an alternative control was used and commented that the GFC1 controller is far simpler and easier to install & operate.