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Advantages of an Inline Fan

  • Can be located in any void – ie: roof space / loft, so it's not visible outside
  • Is suitable for use in listed buildings
  • Maintenance is easy and hassle free
  • No requirement for scaffolding to install or maintain


This unit is supplied with a six pin connector, which is coded for ease on installation. Cable 1 – N/O Cable 2 – N/C Cable 3 – Common Cable 4 – Live Motor Cable 5 – Neutral Earth (green/yellow)

Installation and Maintenance

This unit can be fitted into any accessible space, thus making maintenance and installation simple and hassle free.


Class F windings, sealed lubricated ball bearings, variable speed motor with a centrifugal rotor and cooling impeller. This combination makes for reliable operation for many years.

Pressure Switch

As in accordance with the Gas Appliance Directive 2009/142/EC. This unit features an approved fail-safe function, it shuts down the gas supply completely in the event of a blockage in the flue or a fan failure.


Stainless steel, mill grade 304.


Contact Flueboost if this unit is being fitted with a sealed appliance..

Electrical Details

230 volt; Single phase;
115 watt.
Starting current 1.0 amp.
Running current 0.44 amp.


11.6 kg

Sound Level

Varies with speed of fan. Details on request.

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