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Motor Cooling

The motor is again variable speed, using a centrifugal rotor with a secondary cooling impeller. This time class F windings, again having maintenance free sealed lubricated ball bearings. Again this is too ensure reliable operation for the duration.

Pressure Switch

The pressure switch contacts work in the same way across the Flueboost range. Closing on air flow Opening if flue becomes blocked or a fan failure occurs.

Installation and Maintenance

Each unit comes complete with: Full installation manual Full operating manual Maintenance can be done swiftly without disturbing the main body as working parts can be removed and replaced with only partial assembly. Leaving the main body of the unit untouched.


A plug in electrical connector is supplied. It's a multi pin: Brown permanent live Blue permanent neutral Green and yellow earth White switch is live from thermostat to fan (appearing a a dashed line in manual diagram) Black switch is live from fan to boiler

Time Delay

The fan has variable pre and post purge periods, approximately, 30 seconds to 3 minutes. This is to aid purging of gasses within the appliance pre ignition. Gas fire models require no pre or post purge.


All Flueboost models are constructed of high quality stainless steel. With a finish grade of Mill 304


This appliance must have a draught diverter or draught stabiliser fitted within the primary flue section.

Electrical Details

230 volt; Single phase;
115 watt.
Starting current 1.0 amp.
Running current 0.44 amp.
Unit fuse on control unit PCB.


11.6 kg

Sound Level

Varies with speed of fan. Details on request.

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